A solar inverter’s main job is to convert DC power generated from the array into usable AC power, hence, are fully dependent upon sunlight to create energy. Thus, they function optimally only when the sun is up. This means that if homes and institutes want to use solar energy, they must still depend on the main power grid for electricity at night. This is the main issue hybrid solar inverters fix.

A hybrid solar inverter converts solar energy into electricity but is also connected to a battery where this energy can be stored. This allows extra energy produced by the inverter to be stored for later use. These inverters also have the capability to provide backup power during a blackout. If you do stay connected to the main power grid, having a hybrid solar inverter reduces your power consumption and in turn your electricity bill. This cost soon offsets the initial setup costs.

These inverters are economical solutions to enable ‘self-use’ and 'load shifting' of energy. In addition to this, solar hybrid inverters also have Emergency Power Supply (EPS) which offers backup power if your mains utility power fails.

Solar hybrid inverters first use the solar power, and if the demand exceeds the solar power, it imports power from grid. If the solar power exceeds the power demand, the excess power is used to charge batteries. Moreover, if the batteries are fully charged the excess power can be fed back into the grid.

These inverters provide reliable power in pure sine wave that can be used to run all appliances including laptops, LED televisions and printers, air conditioners, etc. Sensing the availability of sunshine, this inverter can give preference to solar power or power generated from the battery. The LED display on the inverter provides information about the charge status, battery levels, etc. It is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. Since it creates no pollution, it is safe to be placed inside the house


Can operate independent
to grid.

Available in single and
three phase configuration

Reliable power

Provides power when
there is no grid supply.

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