We have an independent division that focuses only on the services and maintenance of your solar system. We provide service for solar systems installed by Penta and also by any other supplier.

This includes regular inspection, part replacement at competitive rates, discounted. upgrades and many more features.

With our Annual Maintenance Contract, you are assured of a system that will continue to perform at its optimum for the lifespan of the product

Rooftop Solar O&M

Penta Solarex with trained engineers & technicians provide customized and cost effective operation and maintenance offering ranging from pre agreed scheduled maintenance to as-required on call basis for rooftop projects.

Monitoring, Forecasting & Reporting

Penta’ Experts and Analysts monitor the plants remotely for immediate detection of faults,prioritizing alarms and guiding site teams. Further, they crunch the weather, performance and faults data to bring out insights to increase your plant performance - from optimizing module cleaning frequency to forecasting generation.

Corrective & Breakdown Maintenance

Corrective or reactive maintenance addresses equipment repair needs and breakdowns after their occurrence to mitigate unplanned downtime. Though a certain amount of reactive maintenance will likely be necessary over the course of a plant’s 25 year lifetime, it can be lessened through more proactive PM and condition-based maintenance (CBM) strategies.

Performance Guarantees

We undertake Availability and Performance Ratio guarantees based on our experience and our quality of maintenance of the solar power plant. The guarantees make sure that our interests are completely aligned with our clients and that we have our skin in the game along with them.

Spares & Warranty Management

Different Equipment in a solar project have different warranty time periods. Modules are warrantied for 25 years, inverters for 5 years and most other equipment for 1 to 3 years. Penta Solarex from its experience of managing O&M, recommends spare management plan to ensure availability and quick replenishment of spares and effective warranty claim communication and coordination.

Plant Health Check

Plant Health Diagnosis with Thermographic Camera & IV Curve Tester assists in in detecting hot spots, detecting and predicting underperforming modules and searching for improper electrical connection and faulty diodes and fuses.