The most common solar rooftop financing option where customer has to pay 100% cost upfront.You purchase a solar panel system outright and can begin installation as soon as you’re ready. Cash purchase offers complete access to federal, state, and local solar initiatives where available, which can offset solar project cost significantly. Cash purchase typically offers the maximum return on a solar investment. One among many advantages of this model is that consumers are eligible to claim accelerated depreciation to gain tax savings & make reasonable return on investment. Consumers who are facing high liquidity problems are not advised to opt for this finance option.

   Access to all solar incentives available

   Fewer parties involved offers greater potential savings

   Reduces total time required for installation

   Generally offers maximum return on investment


Under the RESCO model, a third-party company finances, installs, operates and maintains the rooftop solar project. A power purchase agreement is signed between the installer and the consumer at a mutually agreed price (tariff). The main advantage of this model is that consumer can install a solar PV system and simultaneously have the choice whether or not to consume the electricity.

Power Purchase Agreement (Solar with no up-front cost)

In Power Purchase Agreement the project developer can sell the power back to the building owner in favor of a lower solar power tariff. The excess power could be sold by the developer to the utility.

   No capital investment

   Only pay for electricity consumed

   No responsibility for operations or maintenance

   Lower energy rates than standard electric


Penta Solarex is proud to have in-house finance expert working under the guidance of Chairman Mr. Girish Kumar Mital. The team has an experience of over 30 years in the field of project financing and regularly advise client regarding various options of project funding.

Our team keeps a tap on upcoming banking norms and policies for focused funding of solar power projects.