Penta Solarex offers optimal solar solutions for residential rooftops based on client’s requirements and preferences. We at Penta believe in the idea of transparent information sharing and client education so that client can take right decision.

The solar plants are designed keeping in mind electricity consumption pattern, roof space availability and budget constraints. We pay special emphasis to aesthetics and roof usability by giving an option of installing raised structures which also add value to the roof.

   Estimate your solar electricity needs

   Understand the various solar options available

   Obtain bids and site assessments from contractors

   Understand available financing and incentives


Penta Solarex introduces Solar Pergola for the first time in India. It is a revolutionary system that bridges the gap between aesthetics and solar energy production.

The solar pergola integrates solar power plant with conventional pergola designs. The concept uses bifacial solar panels and different structure finishes to give warmth you expect from any home utility item. You can add lighting, curtains, heaters or fans to create a retreat of your dreams.

Experience wonderful moments here with your friends and family as you create countless invaluable memories together.

Key Features and Innovations


   Weather proofing possibility

   Meets the highest wind, snow and seismic load

   Green building compliance

   State of the art technology

   Design flexibility to fit your architectural style


   Elegant designs

   Customisation available

   Available in an array of standard colours

   Concealed conductors



Penta Solarex has carefully curated solar kits that include everything you need for an efficient setup. Our team of engineers have carefully selected each and every material based on their experience. The kits are made of well researched and globally resourced balance of system components such as wires and cables, civil material, hardware, earthing equipments etc. Kits ensure standardisation, fast implementation and superior project quality.

The kits are prepared in various sizes such as 5 kW, 8 kW, 10 kW, 12 kW and 15 kW.